iSi Advanced Bicycle Carrier Systems - Engineered Freedom
iSi Advanced Bicycle Carrier Systems - Engineered Freedom

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iSi Advanced Bicycle Carrier Systems - Engineered Freedom

iSi Extreme Duty Bicycle Carrier Systems for the Kimberley Karavan

Engineered Freedom - Go on, take your good bikes!

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The most advanced off-road caravan demands the very best in aftermarket equipment.

The iSi Advanced Bicycle Carrier System is designed specifically for the Kimberley Karavan and allows the adventure seeking traveller to tour remote regions with bicycles on board. There's nothing better than camping in those special spots - in comfort and safety with the Karavan - with the ever ready option to explore further by bicycle.

Based upon a special combination of our Extreme Duty modular bicycle carrier components, the iSi Advanced Bicycle Carrier System for the Kimberley Karavan delivers the maximum convenience with bicycle loading and unloading in seconds and complete load security over the harshest terrain on the planet - and no straps or cords to fail along the way.

The best part is that the carrier is designed to rotate forward in order to provide excellent access to the front storage compartment. Unhindered access to the vacuum canister and other items such as a generator that is typically carried in the storage compartment is a big bonus.

Simply remove the lower security pin and the entire assembly is free to rotate forward - tool free. When deployed for front compartment access, the carrier rests on hard stops to give the operator free access without having to deal with the hassle of supporting the carrier out of the way.

Precision built with a life time of tough duty in mind, this carrier also allows the adventure seeker to easily and quickly slip the carrier off the Karavan and install onto the vehicle. Ideal for base camping with vehicle and bicycle based exploration into the surrounding landscape.

With the iSi carrier's generous clearance between bicycles, individual offset vertical support posts, independent wheel cradle position adjustment and vertical adjustment at each wheel cradle at each end of each bicycle means the perfect positioning for absolutely zero sideways offset between the bicycles for the narrowest silhouette possible and maximum clearance to obstacles on either side of the track.

The iSi bicycle carrier absolutely solves the age old problem of having to offset a bicycle one way or the other and by positioning the widest parts of each bicycle vertically, there's even more clearance between bikes and inherent safety than ever before.

With the transport loads through the bicycle wheels, a special zero load frame support cradle is designed to simply keep the bicycle upright - gently.

These are manufactured from solid steel rod to add inertia and eliminate the high frequency vibrations at the frame contact point whilst driving at speed over corrugated roads.

We also designed a new rubber profile that has a very wide contact area, is super flexy, very tough and oh so gentle. None of the commercially available rubber compounds and profiles satisfied ISI's demanding requirements for high UV resistance, vibration isolation and wide and soft contact so we designed and extrude our own custom rubber that is head and shoulders superior to every other bicycle carrier product on the planet.

A special section soft, supple and super durable rubber compound is specified on the contact layer with the bicycle frame. Along with generous thickness and wide, flat contact area, the special rubber acts as a highly effective vibration isolator and eliminates the abrasive issues of inferior round section pads when the going gets dusty. The good news doesn't end there either. This special iSi rubber compound activates with vibration and the wide contact area exhibits mild adhesive properties so that the contact patch on the bicycle frame remains in contact at all times for zero rubbing. Any movement is taken up inside the rubber support layer for the maximum support and protection of the bicycle frame and pressure on the frame all but eliminated. The ultimate protection for titanium, thin wall alloy and the most fragile of carbon fibre bicycle frames.

"After over 8000km of dirt, dust, mud and a super rocky 140km into Bachsten Camp there is not a mark on the top tube of my carbon frame from the rubber pad… I am not sure there is any other rack on the market that could claim that feat!"

Peter - Land Cruiser

The special Karavan adaptor assembly fits to the drawbar at the junction between the chassis and the Kimberley drawbar extension and uses the standard mounting bolts. No additional hardware is needed and installation is quick and easy using standard tools.

All owners of the fabulous Kimberley Karavan can now take bicycles and truly enjoy the journey!

By positioning the bicycles as far back as possible, excellent clearance is achieved when steering the Karavan from lock to lock. Furthermore, with the bicycles positioned up nice and high, excellent visibility is maintained so that you can see exactly how the Karavan is positioned relative to the tight turning vehicle. Another bonus is that with the bicycles in clear view, reversing the vehicle back to attach to the Karavan is made easier still.

All up, a sensational way to explore and experience all of the wonderful things that carefree travel has to offer!

Optional Vehicle Mounts

Swap your Bicycle Carrier between the Camper and the Tow Car

Swap the carrier between the trailer and the car quickly and easily. It's great to base camp with the trailer and move the carrier to the car and explore areas that may not be appropriate to drag the Adventurer through. When you have the flexibility you use it to make the most of each trip and because we make it easy to swap, you don't go looking for excuses to leave the bikes alone.

Australian Made100% Aussie Tough

100% Australian and manufactured from 100% Australian steels coatings, and materials. Right down to the welding wire, the shipping cartons and even the address labels on those cartons. It’s not just blind patriotism either. iSi delivers a product that fellow adventurers trust in the harshest operating conditions on the planet. Consistent supply of the highest quality materials are essential to satisfy that demand.

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Extreme Duty Bicycle Carrier System for the Kimberley Karavan

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