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iSi Advanced Bicycle Carrier Systems - Engineered Freedom
Extreme Duty 4x4x4 Modular Four-Bicycle Carrier - iSi-4x4x4/25

Now with optional 4x4x2 two-bicycle carrier option pack - with the additional main beam to convert between two and four bicycle configurations - or at any time in the future.

iSi 4x4x4 Bicycle Carrier

Thoroughly engineered and rigorously tested over many thousands of kilometers over the roughest and toughest tracks and terrain, iSi bicycle carriers are precision manufactured to traverse the most severe track surface conditions on the planet. With thousands of these 4x4x4 bicycle carriers all over the world, the 4x4x4 extreme duty bicycle carrier has earned the reputation as the strongest and safest in the world.

Best of all, iSi bicycle carriers deliver incredible ease of use with lightning quick bike loading/unloading, high departure clearance and through clever design, eliminate the need for pesky straps as a retention mechanism.

With a generous 25 degree departure angle and minimum overhang from the tow bar, the 4x4x4 is the perfect carrier for outback travel. No more dragging the rear ! In combination with the appropriate modular pivot base height, the bicycles are positioned perfectly to ensure that the entire load remains under the roof line and well above the tow bar for the best protection possible. Moreover the bicycle load is configured to follow the departure angle rather than position the lot at a level height. This eliminates the high loads placed upon the vehicle or trailer attachment when all bicycles are positioned high above the ground. The iSi 4x4x4 carrier lowers the centre of mass of the whole assembly by positioning the forward bicycles lower than the rear and follows the departure angle.

There's more to travelling with bicycles than simply loading them onto a car. With so many modern vehicles today that require clearance in order to access the rear of the vehicle, the iSi 4x4x4 bicycle carrier pivots down to allow the bikes to lay back. With a special pivot, it takes only seconds to lower or raise the entire assembly for the ultimate in quick and convenient access to the rear of the vehicle.

The pivot incorporates a clever over-centre latching system that locks tight as the load increases. The unique iSi PoziLock Latching system facilitates ultra easy locking of the main beam when raised. Moreover, with the advanced computer designed and analysed latch profile, it locks tight when the going gets tough - in addition to the upper locking pin for added security and stability.

With a special pivot system, it takes only seconds to lower or raise the entire assembly for the ultimate in quick and convenient access to the rear of the vehicle - without having to disturb the bikes.

By pivoting down about the lower pivot pin, the loaded carrier moves out as it pivots down to deliver even greater clearance when lowered. This clever design delivers the best clearance possible.

Pull the upper pin, flip the PoziLock latch and lower the carrier down all the way for the best clearance possible to open the rear tailgate. This feature is just perfect for those who require quick and easy access to the rear of the car without having to unload the bikes to gain access - The perfect tourer.

Designed for standard 50mm square tube tow bar mounting, the iSi 4x4x4 bicycle carrier Pivot Base employs a highly robust pivot arrangement as close as possible to the tow bar itself.

The pivot base is a very tough component that is manufactured from laser cut 10mm thick Australian plate steel and designed to be smacked into the ground and dragged over rocks. It is the lowest point of the whole assembly directly behind the tow bar receiver.

No need for tools or the hassle of removing the hitch from the vehicle. Simply slide the top security pin out, lower the bicycle carrier flat and then remove the lower security pin. Simple, easy and zero hassle detachment.

60 seconds to load/unload all four bikes
No straps to loosen or break
Pivot Swing down for fast rear tail gate access
Highly convenient access to the rear of the vehicle
Tough, Strong and Stable
Easy Double Pin Detachment for convenient installation

The innovation doesn't stop there. Special wheel support cradles are designed to not only support the bicycles by the wheels, but it also acts as a highly effective wheel stabilizer.

By supporting each wheel along a long and wide contact area at each end, the wheel is centred and held securely in place. It is also prevented from vibrating from side to side and the steering secure from rocking. Each wheel support cradle is also designed to extend out and further separate the bicycles to deliver even greater clearance between each bicycle. This clever wheel cradle design not only supports wide down hill style mountain bikes, but also allows the bicycles to be located centrally for minimum side overhang. The clearance has to be seen to be believed - and is arguably greater than any other brand of bicycle carrier on the market.

Best of all, the wheel cradles cover a wide range of position adjustment that reaches from offset one way, precisely centred to offset the other way. In other words, two wheels may be positioned exactly side by side for zero side to side offset of the bicycles. This completely solves the problems associated with many other bicycle carriers that leave no option but to push one bicycle to the left and the other to the right. The significance of this is the entire load is as slim a profile as possible and it gives the driver the greatest clearance to pass by obstacles.

Furthermore, each wheel hoop is reversible in order to fine tune the vertical offset of one bicycle relative to the other - great for those pesky clearance issues that pop up - such as between say the saddle on one bike and the handlebar from the other.

Each pair of bicycles is supported on a robust galvanized steel tube that is locked in place along the horizontal support sleeves on the main carrier beam. The benefit of this design is that each tube's position is adjustable - but more importantly, if a tube is damaged in an accident or by reversing into an obstacle, instead of having to replace the entire carrier, the damaged tube is simply removed and replaced. In addition, these components readily available almost anywhere in the country - to keep you going on your journey regardless of any minor mishaps.

iSi 4x4x4 Extreme Duty carrier is configured with two vertical support post locations - each offset from the centre line of the bicycle and carrier. This ensures that each bicycle is held securely at a position either close to the lowest point or highest point on the bicycle top tube. Importantly, each vertical support post is locked solid to ensure that there is zero bicycle movement when travelling over harsh terrain.

Unlike inferior systems that employ what is known as flat-on-flat clamping where the screw is forced into the flat part of the mating rail, special iSi Corner Clamps are used to secure the vertical frame support posts and the horizontal support tubes. Cleverly designed with screw clamps that bite firmly into the corner of the mating rail and literally force the two components together across two planes, thus positively locking them and always holds firm in all three dimensions.

By far the ultimate clamping arrangement and a most significant aspect of thorough design.

Built tough with 100% Australian steel, this is no ordinary bicycle carrier.

Tough doesn't mean compromise with the 4x4x4 carriers. Complete ease of use in which it literally takes just seconds to load and secure bicycles onto the carrier. No need for straps or other devices typically required on other carriers. Robust frame support cradles gently keep the bicycles upright whilst all of the loads are taken up by the wheel support cradles.

The removable vertical frame support post also means that the operator has the most convenient and unencumbered access possible to load and unload the bicycles and no need to lean the forward bicycle forward in order to secure the post. Along with a pair of corner clamps to secure the post, this is by far the best and most secure method to retain the bicycles on the carrier. A true delight to operate with absolutely zero hassle.

4x4x4 Models
The iSi 4x4x4 Bicycle Carrier is available in two lengths to suit various vehicle and rear mounted spare wheel configurations.

Compact size for vehicles with no rear mounted spare wheel.

Extended beam size for vehicles with modest size rear mounted spare wheel that is offset to one side - ie Land Cruiser Prado
4x4x4 Pivot Base Options
The iSi 4x4x4 Bicycle Carrier Pivot Base is available in two lengths.

Included as standard - Compact size for vehicles that require no further clearance.

Extended tongue size for vehicles with large size rear mounted spare wheel that is offset to one side or modest size rear spare wheel that is centrally oriented - ie NS/NT Pajero

Low Profile Pivot Base for vehicles with high mounted tow bar locations that have low clearance to open(ing) rear door - ie 200 Series Land Cruiser