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iSi Advanced Bicycle Carrier Systems - Engineered Freedom
Extreme Duty 4x4x2 Modular Two-Bicycle Carrier - iSi-4x4x2/40

Expandable to the 4x4x4 four bicycle carrier - now or at any time in the future.

Thoroughly engineered and rigorously tested over many thousands of kilometers over the roughest and toughest tracks and terrain, iSi bicycle carriers are precision manufactured to traverse the most severe track surface conditions on the planet.

Best of all, iSi bicycle carriers deliver incredible ease of use with lightning quick bike loading/unloading, ultra-high departure clearance and through clever design, eliminate the need for pesky straps as a retention mechanism. Expandable to four bicycle capacity - now or at any time in the future.

True Off-Road

As one of the only true off-road bicycle carriers in the world, the iSi Extreme Duty carrier’s special features deliver maximum protection and convenience. Tight to the back of the Defender, stacks of ground clearance, below the roof height and the centre of mass right on the vehicle roll-centre means zero stress wheeling over the toughest terrain. Easy.

There's more to travelling with bicycles than simply loading them onto a car. So many modern vehicles today require wide clearance in order to access the rear of the vehicle so the iSi 4x4x2 bicycle carrier pivots down right at the base near the tow bar for the ultimate in quick and convenient access to the rear of the vehicle.

It takes only seconds to lower or raise the entire assembly without having to disturb the bikes so you're encouraged to stop and get into the back whenever you need to - instead of looking for excuses not to. This has a huge impact upon the convenience of every journey - make the most of every one!

No more tedious loading and unloading to get into the back of the car. By pivoting at the tow bar attachment point, the entire assembly lays back for clear access to the back of the vehicle. This eliminates the hassle found on inferior bicycle carriers that tilt over and obstruct the opening of side hinged rear doors - Side hinged rear doors are found on an increasing number of popular modern vehicles like the Toyota Prado, Jeep Wrangler, Mitsubishi Pajero, Nissan Patrol and many more.

With the simple push on the iSi pozi-lock latch, the main beam section pivots down low to gently lower the load for easy access to the rear of the vehicle. Moreover, by lowering the complete assembly, the bicycles remain secured to the iSi bicycle carrier for the maximum convenience possible. When done, raise the beam to the upright position and the iSi pozi-lock latch does the job of securing the load. Slip the security pin in and you're ready again to hit the road and tracks. All up, under 15 seconds to lower or raise - really easy and the ultimate in quick and convenient access to the rear of the vehicle.

Generous ground clearance that is equal to or greater than the vehicle's departure angle at the rear is vital to safely tackle tough terrain. There is nothing more frustrating than having a highly capable vehicle that can easily traverse deep erosion humps found on steep tracks only to be let down by bicycles or carrier components that are slung lower than the departure angle.

The iSi extreme duty bicycle carrier is designed with a massive 40 degree departure angle, which is greater than most highly modified 4x4 vehicles. If the car gets through, then the bikes will too - safely.

Departure angle is but one aspect where maximum clearance from trail obstacles is critical. A most important dimension is the total width. Most bicycle carriers on the market use a single post and demand that bikes are offset side to side in order to clear handle bars, pedals etc. This results in an excessively wide load that extends past the sides of the vehicle.

With the iSi carrier's generous clearance between bicycles, individual offset vertical support posts, independent wheel cradle position adjustment and vertical adjustment at each wheel cradle at each end of each bicycle means the perfect positioning for absolutely zero sideways offset between the bicycles for the narrowest silhouette possible and maximum clearance to obstacles on either side of the track.

The iSi bicycle carrier absolutely solves the age old problem of having to offset a bicycle one way or the other and by positioning the widest parts of each bicycle vertically, there's even more clearance between bikes and inherent safety than ever before.

10 Seconds load/unload per bicycle.
Power Pivot Swing down for fast rear tailgate access.
Compatible with Side Hinged Rear Doors.
Highly convenient access to the rear of the vehicle
Rock-Solid Ride over rough terrain
Modular Design - mix and match components
Easy Double Pin Attachment for convenient installation

There is no avoiding the fact that travelling fast over harsh and corrugated terrain can be tough on equipment when it is not designed specifically for the job. The method which the bicycles are supported is most important - not only where the forces act upon the bicycle, but there the loads go from there to the vehicle.

Each bicycle wheel is supported on its own tough mandrel formed tube to support and stabilize each wheel. The *only* contact with the wheel cradle is at the tread and not sidewall. When the going gets rough, regardless of the bicycle wheel and tyre type, we make sure that each wheel is stabilized at two contact points per tyre and that there is never any chance of marking a rim - especially a carbon fibre rim. If a tyre goes flat during the journey, the wheel remains stabilized and protected - and the bicycle secure. This carefully engineered design eliminates the problems of damaged wheels and bearings with traditional platform wheel support that will taco rims and damage tyres. The bicycles are so well stabilized at each end, you never have to deal with fretted wheel and head stem bearings on a hard corrugated trip.

For Road Bicycles the same components support, stabilize and protect the most delicate of light weight carbon fibre road and time trial bicycles. We even have several adventure racers around the world who cross the country with sub-7kg time trial bicycles on carbon rims and you don't get more fragile than that.

In short, each bicycle is cradled securely with all loads spread through stabilised wheels, not the frame.

With the transport loads through the bicycle wheels, a special zero load frame support cradle is designed to simply keep the bicycle upright - gently.

These are manufactured from solid steel rod to add inertia and eliminate the high frequency vibrations at the frame contact point whilst driving at speed over corrugated roads.

We also designed a new rubber profile that has a very wide contact area, is super flexy, very tough and oh so gentle. None of the commercially available rubber compounds and profiles satisfied ISI's demanding requirements for high UV resistance, vibration isolation and wide and soft contact so we designed and extrude our own custom rubber that is head and shoulders superior to every other bicycle carrier product on the planet.

A special section soft, supple and super durable rubber compound is specified on the contact layer with the bicycle frame. Along with generous thickness and wide, flat contact area, the special rubber acts as a highly effective vibration isolator and eliminates the abrasive issues of inferior round section pads when the going gets dusty. The good news doesn't end there either. This special iSi rubber compound activates with vibration and the wide contact area exhibits mild adhesive properties so that the contact patch on the bicycle frame remains in contact at all times for zero rubbing. Any movement is taken up inside the rubber support layer for the maximum support and protection of the bicycle frame and pressure on the frame all but eliminated. The ultimate protection for titanium, thin wall alloy and the most fragile of carbon fibre bicycle frames.

"After over 8000km of dirt, dust, mud and a super rocky 140km into Bachsten Camp there is not a mark on the top tube of my carbon frame from the rubber pad… I am not sure there is any other rack on the market that could claim that feat!"

Peter - Land Cruiser

The iSi Extreme Duty bicycle carrier is arguably the most thoroughly engineered bicycle transport product available today. Each and every design feature has been carefully considered to deliver the safest and most convenient way to enjoy travel with bicycles - anywhere and totally stress free.

Whilst this iSi bicycle carrier is tough and strong for travel over the harshest terrain, I think that the real strength is convenience and zero hassle travel so that you make cycling part of the journey instead of just transporting the bikes to a destination to ride. It takes less than 10 seconds to deploy each bike so you are encouraged to use the bicycles wherever and whenever you stop.

We regularly pull up in a small town and hop straight onto the bikes. Ride one street over off the main road and you get to see the real town. The gardens, old homes, history and the locals engage with you. You're a traveller, not a tourist so the best local camping, fishing and scenic spots are readily shared. That's how we've found the best places over the years - and where to buy the best coffee in town. If you have children along that's even better because you're with them as you all interact with others and as you pedal off, you have a good opportunity to comfortably chat about what was discussed.

Spin the travel out of the legs, have a laugh and arrive at your destination refreshed and enthusiastic. It makes such a difference and pretty much all because the bikes are always at hand and so very easy to deploy and load up again.

George Couyant

Modular Design - Mix and Match Components - Click here to learn about iSi Modular Bicycle Components

The Extreme Duty 4x4x2/40 modular bicycle carrier is available in three sizes
iSi-442-400/40 - Extreme Duty Compact Beam. Suitable for most passenger and 4x4 vehicles without a rear mounted spare wheel.

Click here for application list

iSi-442-500/40 - Extreme Duty Mid Beam. Suitable for most 4x4 vehicles with a rear mounted spare wheel.

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iSi-442-600/40 - Extreme Duty Extended Beam. Suitable for most 4x4 vehicles with a large rear mounted spare wheel.

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