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iSi Advanced Bicycle Carrier Systems - Engineered Freedom

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iSi Advanced Bicycle Carrier Systems - Engineered Freedom
Fat Bike Off Road Bicycle Carrier
iSi Extreme Duty 4x4 Bicycle Carrier
Fat Bike Support System

Thoroughly engineered and rigorously tested over many thousands of kilometers of the roughest and toughest tracks and terrain, iSi bicycle carriers are precision crafted to breeze through the most severe track surface conditions.

There is no avoiding the fact that travelling fast over harsh terrain can be tough on equipment when it is not designed specifically for the job. The method which the bicycles are supported is most important - not only where the forces act upon the bicycle, but where the loads go from there to the vehicle.

Fat bikes present unique challenges to the bicycle carrier designer because these bicycles have huge volume tyres compared to those on traditional road and mountain bikes. When the going gets rough, these tyres flex and allow movement of the bicycle and depending upon the road or track conditions, harmonic vibration frequencies cause unwanted and uncontrolled movement.

The ISI solution completely solves this issue and without the use of straps and buckles, each wheel support cradle supports and stabilizes each wheel at four contact points. This is a significant innovation and delivers a highly effective solution whilst meeting the iSi design target for total ease of use and hassle free deployment of the bicycles wherever and whenever the operator desires - in seconds.

Fat Bike Wheel and Frame Support Kit

Each bicycle wheel is supported on its own tough mandrel formed 12mm tube with twin corner-locking clamps to spread the load and deliver bullet-proof clamping that will never budge even over the toughest corrugated tracks. Moreover, each bicycle's pair of wheels is secured to its own individual horizontal rail in order to deliver the maximum support that is independent of the other bicycle's forces. In short, each bicycle is cradled securely with any load going through the wheels, not the frame. In addition, by specifying individual rails, each bicycle is isolated from any vibrations or resonant frequencies from the other.

The special wheel support profile is cleverly designed so that there are always four contact points per wheel to support and stabilize that wheel. No more uncontrolled vibrations that result from traditional tray or round end wheel cradles. At each contact point, the resultant support vector lifts just over a quarter of the wheel load and with support at each end of the wheel, all side to side vibrations and movement are kept in check.

Fat Bike Wheel Support and Stabilizing Cradle

This innovative wheel support cradle design also has a hidden benefit to the long distance traveller because this cradle continues to support and stabilize a wheel even if that tyre goes flat during the journey. Unlike traditional bicycle tyres, the transition from inflated to flat results in a significant change in wheel position. By maintaining the four contact points per wheel, even with a flat tyre, the ISI Fat bike wheel support cradle protects the tyre and tube and eliminates the risk of further damage of pinch flat or "snake bite" damage to the tyre and tube.

Fat Bike Bicycle Carrier

Our reasoning is that if you're going to the effort of driving into rough and remote regions for fat bike adventure, the ISI bicycle carrier does its best to protect the bike and provide every opportunity to have a perfectly rideable bicycle when you get there.ISI Fat Finger Frame Support Cradle

With the transport loads through the bicycle wheels, a special zero load Fat Finger frame support cradle is designed to simply keep the bicycle upright - gently.

Fat Finger frame cradles are manufactured from solid steel rod to eliminate the high frequency vibrations at the frame contact point whilst driving at speed over corrugated roads. iSi also designed a new rubber profile that has a very wide contact area, is super flexy, very tough and oh so gentle. Just sensational on thin wall hydroformed alloy and asymmetrical weave carbon fibre frames. These cradles are a level above our excellent double padded cradles.

None of the commercially available rubber compounds and profiles satisfied ISI's demanding requirements for high UV resistance, vibration isolation and wide and soft contact so we designed and extruded our own custom rubber that is head and shoulders superior to every other bicycle carrier product on the planet.

A special section soft, supple and super durable rubber compound is specified on the contact layer with the bicycle frame. Along with generous thickness and wide, flat contact area, the special rubber acts as a highly effective vibration isolator. The good news doesn't end there either. This special iSi rubber compound activates with vibration and the wide contact area exhibits mild adhesive properties so that the contact patch on the bicycle frame remains in contact at all times for zero rubbing.

Any movement is taken up inside the rubber support layer for the maximum support and protection of the bicycle frame and pressure on the frame all but eliminated. The ultimate protection for titanium, carbon and thin wall alloy frames.

Under 30 seconds to load/unload the bikes.
Supports and Stabilizer 5" Tyres on 100mm Rims
Highly convenient access to the rear of the vehicle
Cushioned Ride over rough terrain
Corner Grip Clamping (Registered Des) for strong grip
No straps!

The iSi Extreme Duty bicycle carrier is arguably the most thoroughly engineered bicycle transport product available today. Each and every design feature has been carefully considered to deliver the safest and most convenient way to enjoy travel with bicycles - anywhere totally stress free.

All of this effort and engineering that goes into the ISI Fat Bike Support System isn't wasted on a road based passenger vehicle either. There are no compromises in versatility and convenience - and the fact that the carrier's operational parameters far exceed those of a road based application are a bonus and flexibility for the future.

Fat bikes offer the adventurer a whole new range of riding and exploration opportunities and open up a new world of fun. Traditionally designed for snow, these exciting bicycles are perfect for sand and a whole range of surfaces that have been out of bounds to the off-road cyclist. Here at ISI we love to get away and explore and our products are designed to encourage other like minded adventurers to get away from the crowds and experience the best that our planet has to offer. Fat bike support is available on for all of our bicycle carrier products and now whenever we travel up into the rough parts of the country, there's always at least one fat bike on board.

Fat Bike Caravan Drawbar Mount

Caravan and trailer applications deliver fantastic flexibility and comfort as a base to explore from in luxury and safety - and always with the ISI demands of the ability to deploy a bicycle wherever and whenever we want - in seconds. Caravan and trailer mounting hardware is available to assist with custom drawbar and tow bar mounting.