iSi Advanced Bicycle Carrier Systems - Engineered Freedom
iSi Advanced Bicycle Carrier Systems - Engineered Freedom

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iSi Advanced Bicycle Carrier Systems - Engineered Freedom

Welcome to iSi. We are passionate about adventure cycling and deliver what are arguably the most advanced 4x4, passenger car, caravan and camper trailer special purpose bicycle carrier systems on the planet.


Extreme Duty Bicycle Carriers for
Jayco Caravans, Pop-Tops and Camper Trailers

Off-Road 4x4 Bicycle Carrier

4-Bicylces - Bolt-On - No Welding - Jayco Warranty Friendly - Swap to the car

From the Simpson Desert to Cape York or the Andes to the Kalahari, Cycling adventure enthusiasts put their trust in advanced iSi bicycle carriers to safely traverse the most demanding roads and terrain on the planet.

Born from a desire for zero-stress travel everywhere and anywhere, iSi bicycle carriers are designed to protect bicycles in the 3D safety envelope defined by the vehicle's departure angle, width and roof height.

Thoroughly engineered and rigorously tested over many thousands of kilometers of the roughest and toughest tracks and terrain, iSi bicycle carriers are precision crafted to breeze through the most severe surface conditions. Best of all, iSi bicycle carriers also deliver incredible ease of use with sub-30 second bike loading/unloading times and eliminate the need for straps or additional equipment to secure the bikes.

iSi 4x4 Bicycle Carrier - Fat Bike Carrier
100% Australian and manufactured from 100% Australian steels and materials. Right down to the welding wire, the shipping cartons and even the address labels on those cartons. It’s not just blind patriotism either. We deliver a product that fellow adventurers trust in the harshest operating conditions on the planet. Consistently highest quality materials are essential to satisfy that demand.

Engineered Freedom - Travel Everywhere with your Bicycles

iSi 4x4 Bicycle Carrier - Simpson Desert

"There are many products on the market that just transport bicycles from A to B. iSi Advanced Bicycles Carriers allow you to travel with your bikes and make them part of your journey."

George Couyant
iSi Engineer & Bicycle Carrier Innovator

iSi 4x4 Bicycle Carrier FEMAvailable in a number of specific configurations, iSi carriers employ advanced Computer Aided Design and Finite Element Modeling and Analysis tools to ensure that the optimum structural and operational design criteria are met in a highly cost effective manner.

Whether it be sustained high speed travel over rough washboard corrugations, rocks, soft and loose sand dunes, deep snow or running rivers, you'll breathe easy with the knowledge that your bicycles are safe, secure and always ready for action.

Without doubt, iSi carriers deliver the ultimate in bicycle carrying performance and total peace of mind - regardless of the severity of the terrain.

iSi 4x4 Bicycle Carrier - Lawn Hill